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Many people believe that the phrase "to go commando" comes from American slang in the 1980s or even more painfully, plenty of people believe it came from the show FRIENDS.
The word commando comes from South African Portuguese around the end of the 18th century meaning a specially trained soldier to carry out raids. No one can be sure of exactly when "to go commando" took on its alternate meaning. Although, most do agree that during World War II was when it gained its alfresco connotation. It is true that many commandos do go without wearing undergarments from time to time, if not more often than not. The thing people don't understand is why. In a few of the sources I read for this fact, actual commandos were asked why they prefer to go California casual. What they said is not for those with weak stomachs and vivid imaginations. Sometimes they go commando because they will be walking through rainy areas for many hours/days at a time. In such situations, wet underwear can lead to some disgusting things like crotch rot, and some unfortunate jock and anal itching. Walking for extended periods of time, even in dry climates can lead to some very unpleasant chafing. Extended time in tight underwear causes infertility to top it all off, so many soldiers have sworn off undergarments entirely.
On a more disgusting note, some of the soldiers told stories of when food rations were not up to par with health standards, therefore causing insane diarrhea. This, they say, is the true definition of going commando: going without underwear and cutting the back of the pants completely off to give your unsettled stomach contents an emergency escape hatch (for lack of a better analogy).
Also on this note, Urban Dictionary gives one definition of "to go commando" as a way to avoid shitting ones pants in the heat of battle.
The Washington Post speaks of new advancements in the field of free-balling. Apparently there have been a few pitches to the market for padded patches that make going commando just that much more comfortable, especially for women.
Overall, it is more healthy and sanitary to not wear underpants. Spread the news.

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