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Nail Biting and Worms

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The worms are commonly referred to as pinworms and may be more common then you think. Pinworms spread from contact with infested individuals. For this reason, children tend to pick up the worms in school.
Oddly enough, pinworms are a strictly human pest, it cant come from the family dog. Also, it is not actual worms being passed from one person to another. The eggs are microscopic and make it under the nail by coming in contact with others with pinworms. These eggs can also be picked up from high traffic surfaces like countertops and bathrooms in general. Pinworms can also be obtained from food and on clothes in a dirty laundry basket.
This is where is gets disgusting. Once ingested, the eggs make their way down to the small intestine. This is where they hatch. Once hatched they continue to move into the large intestine where they are actually able to cling to the wall and remain.
The worms live to reproduce. From the large intestine the worms trek further in the digestive tract to lay eggs near the end. These eggs are purposefully irritating so they are expelled one way or another.
Yes, if you have pinworms, they can just crawl out of your ass. Be afraid, be very afraid.


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