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Naval Sonar and Bleeding Brains

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The ends definitely do not justify the means. Naval sonar uses certain frequencies of sound to illuminate the otherwise opaque dark ocean. When said frequencies are launched in waters with marine life, bad things are bound to happen. It's kind of like going to a preschool during nap-time with an air-horn and spinning 360 degrees while pressing the button. No one can expect the children to not be affected by this commotion in their normally quiet and routine safe-haven.
As if that wasn't graphic enough, the sonar doesn't only scare and disgruntle the marine life. Most marine life is delicate and delicate in a way that make them specifically susceptible to sound. Echolocation and other sounds used by marine life help them to find others, currents, and breeding grounds.
Sonar causes whales to bleed from the ears. Also brain injuries that cause bleeding reminiscent of an aneurysm. This kills the whales slowly and in order to avoid the slow death of internal bleeding they beach themselves, quickening the process.
It only takes a couple of uses of sonar to cause these catastrophic consequences. There is no way that this insane suffering of whales outweighs the need for naval vessels to see.


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