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Pressure to Spacewalk

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The Russian Cosmonaut made it to space aboard the Voskhod 2. On this ship was a catepillar-looking escape hatch for moving between different amounts of pressure. Aleksi Leonov went through this to become the first person to float in space outside of a ship (1965). After staying outside for 10-20 minutes he decided to make his way back in by climbing along the tether. Imagine for a second, an unopened bag of chips brought onto an airplane. Leonov's suit was obviously filled with oxygen. When he remained in the vacuum pressure of space for such a long time, his suit began to stiffen and balloon to new proportions. When he finally reached the hatch, he frighteningly realized that he did not fit back into the ship. As a last resort option, Leonov opened a vent and squished some of the oxygen out at the risk of becoming a shrink-wrapped astronaut and made his way back aboard. As if this was not enough, the hatch did not close right and when they finally landed back on earth they were stranded in a forest of the Ural Mountains. The next few missions to space equipped the space travelers with a hand gun, just in case they successfully made it back to earth and were threatened by a bear or other beast.


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