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Down Side of a Big Wallet

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With the advent of increasingly softer sitting surfaces, more and more people have been leaving their wallets in their back pockets during down time. Understandably, with the front two pockets monopolized with keys and a phone, the back pocket wallet only makes sense. But for those getting up and down frequently and therefore sitting on their wallet if only briefly, nerve pain is probably on the way. Muscles cannot relax in an uncomfortable position.
Sciatica is back, hip, and leg pain caused by nerve compression. The typical back pocket is in the perfect place to cause such a problem: the main conduit of nerve activity to and from the respective leg.
Due to natural spine alignment, offsetting the back by propping one side up by about a centimeter or two can cause pain to build in unsuspecting places. For instance, the majority of problems occur in the neck. Picture a the head and spine as a dish balancing on a stick. The dish will try to remain balanced whether or not the stick is tilted. An extended period of time slightly off balance will obviously be felt the next day.
Marketing has taken the problem and solved it in the most lucrative ways they could think of. In researching this problem, most of my searches turned out websites selling plush and cushy wallets to alleviate some of the uncomfortableness. This will not prevent any long term damage. Another tries to slim the wallet to the thickness of a couple of credit cards. All of these seem to use a metal clip to hold bills in their place, this has the potential for being worse than a conventional wallet. Lastly, and probably most effective are wallets unattractively cut into that front pocket shape. Like a triangle with one side arced. Practical, yes, but not really something people would like to take out of their pocket. And besides, do they expect you to sit on your keys or phone instead?


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