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Caves Under Pressure

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Because of their pressurized qualities, caves (two-entranced, multi-leveled) were an ideal residence for early humans. This setup would have created natural air conditioning in the summer and a source of warmth in the icy winter. With the threat of parasitic mirco-organisms emitting and filling the cave with CO2 or other noxious gases, the pressure system vents in fresh oxygen and circulates the poisonousness out. relatedFacts: Cave Inns & Swiss Cheese: Wholly Discomforting.
Bats use a pressure collaborating sense known as the Vitali organ to hunt in the controlled enclosure of the caves. By way of barometric forces, bats have learned when there will be insects seeking ideal temperatures inside the caves and when they need to venture outward for food. When the pressure is too high, bats have been known to hibernate in order to conserve energy [source].


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