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The lower jaw of the Bulldog and its unrelenting stamina are what led the English to use the breed in bull-baiting. Bull-baiting consisted of a duel between a bull and a couple if dogs. This was done as a spectator sport and also as a way to tenderize the bull(s) for consumption.
Bulldogs were especially good at this sport because they could clamp on to the nose of the bull and still breathe. Savagely, the sport would go on past the point of an entrails-less dog-half hanging from the bulls face. The breed was wildly popular due to this relentless trait. In order to sell puppies into the sport a bulldog owner would cut limbs off of the animal to show that the dog could still fight legless of something else equally as gruesome.
Depictions of the game show a bull standing on the ground with bulldogs chucked left and right, flipping as they are thrown from the bucking bull.
When it was banned, dog fighting became all the rage.


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