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LSD and St. Anthony's Fire

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LSD was synthesized from ergot mold which grows on rye bread. The town unknowingly made loads of bread from this moldy grain. The accounts passed down through history tell of people running through the streets screaming that they were being chased by mythical figures and all other sorts of hallucinations. Until recently, these sudden outbursts of crazy in certain towns throughout the Middle Ages were seen as plague like the Black Death. Pretty much what happen is these unsuspecting townsfolk ingested heavy amounts of LSD. They faced many extra bad symptoms because the psychedelic drug from the 50s 60s, and 70s is the 25th synthesis from ergot (LSD-25). Eating straight mold adds gangrene-like effects to the already intense trip. Ironically, a lot of famous art comes out of the ergot epidemics.


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