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Real Anthropomorphic Hobbits

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12,000 years puts the race of hobbits side-by-side with modern humans. At 3 feet tall, scientists, archeologists, historians, and the lot are all trying to figure out if we were friends or enemies.
The name of the new species is Homo floresiensis after Flores Island where it and other bones were found. Oddly enough the bones of the Little Lady of Flores, who has a brain the size of a chimpanzee, were found next to stone tools and spear heads. It had been perviously thought that brains the size of a humans were the only ones capable of this type of thought. Word has also come out that these peoples must have originally arrived on the island by boats. In fairness, if they did live side by side with modern humans and were friends or at least able to learn from them, boats and spears don't seem that out of the ordinary.


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