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Coastal Energy

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Using large structures implanted into the seabed, coastal winds and waters could be harnessed and yield a new constant source of energy as dependable as the sun. Wind farms are not new but the ones off of the coast of Connecticut, miles into the ocean, are. Winds can be a lot stronger over open water.
Someone had the idea of now putting these turbines under the water on the coast or in a river. When the tides move the water, these turbines will spin forward and backward to gain all the power they can. For us this means almost limitless power, but to large fish and other big sea creatures it is a bunch of giant spinning blades that the current is launching them into. For little ocean dwellers, it will at the least disturb their ecosystem and habitat in general.
The third new form of energy harnessing is by simply using the waves. By funneling waves into a smaller opening exponentially increases the power. These wave altering canals may also capture sea creatures, or at the least create some new path of coastal erosion.


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