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Unfortunate Hyena Evolution

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High ranking hyena mothers are now known to release the hormone androgen into their young in order to speed up their efforts in competing for food and procreation [source]. This hormone is a male hormone but is given to all the offspring of the high ranking mothers. In the clannish society, some females are higher up in the mix than others. The lesser ranking ones have little androgen to pass on or little will knowing already that they are from the bottom of the pack.

Now is where it starts to get graphic. In males androgen hits like a jolt of adrenaline. It also speeds up their sexual development, making them horny within months. This is necessary because hyena anatomy is quite tricky. This same androgen hormone get released to females being born as well. It really fucks with their sexual development. Damage is done to the ovaries which only starts the complications. The next obstacle was best put into words by LiveScience.com: Imagine giving birth through a penis. Yes, androgen makes the clitoris grow to about 7 inches (1 inch round) and it also contains the birth canal. As painful as it already sounds to pass a child through such a tube, chances are it will rip during birth. On top of that most mothers don't live after a tear like this.


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