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Shrooms and Revolutionary Thought

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Socrates, Plato and Aristotle among other notable Greeks worshiped at the temple of the Goddess Demeter. She was the Goddess associated with grain and the earth. Worshipers at such a temple religiously and ritualistically ate psychedelic mushrooms with the most common side effects being thinking outside the box and strongly challenging authority. Joan of Arc's region of France was known for having widespread witchcraft and she herself was know to have frolicked under the pagan oak tree (which was done after eating the psychedelic mushrooms beneath it) [source] [FAQ: God's Flesh or Class-A Drug].
Further speculations into the impact psychedelic shrooms have had on the history of man has led many to an interesting theory. Chimpanzees may have eaten mushrooms and expanded their thoughts. Possibly thinking of trying to catch a large animal in pursuit instead of dwelling in trees [FAQ: Human Asset].


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