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Catfish Taste Good

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Depending on the size of the catfish, it's skin can possess hundreds of thousands of taste buds. The ratio is basically a quarter of a million taste buds per half foot of catfish [source]. This fish actually tastes food from a distance through microscopic debris and chemicals in the water. Nature efficiently uses wrinkling to enhance the scope of the olfactory organ. The catfish hears through an air bladder's vibrations transfered by small bones [source]. Scaleless skin makes the fish very receptive to touch. Being able to detect electric fields around other animals in the sea, catfish possess electroreception which is commonly associated with sharks [source].

Sportsmen fishing for catfish have exploited the senses of the catfish in order to lure it to a hook. With something called "SEXattract" one company offers a gravy that will attract a catfish by making it hungry for the bait. Simultaneously, the fish will be having dirty thoughts involving the bait and itself. Their visual demonstrations, though quite amusing, sure won't make one hungry and horny; more in the realm of gross and immoral.


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