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Kneecaps: A Figment of Gravity

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When a child is born it has cartilage over the knee. Once forces are applied like when an infant pushes hard with his legs against the crib bars before he or she can walk, then the cartilage starts to calcify. It is theorized that this is an evolutionary tactic for human perseverance [source]. For instance: if one day in the future a child is born in space, he/she may never develop the necessary skeletal requirements for life on gravity-stricken earth. Although inhumane in the present time, if it is ever accepted to live in a space-center these first humans born in zero-G would start a race that develops differently than anything that walks the earth. Obviously, humans need and environment with air at the least. For human development, this airy, antigravity world may cause a more fish-like methodology or even physical adaptations that act like fins and push the air as if it were water. This is only a positive alternative if humans are one day totally unable to inhabit the earth. Humans born in space might face dire consequences if their bodies were subjected to gravity. Who knows how differently the internal organs would develop, it is possible that vital organs could collapse under their own weight once they actually feel it for the first time.


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