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These aptly named coconut crabs have been known to reach 3 feet in length. It also has claws both large and strong enough to lift objects weighing up to 60 pounds. Crabs of this sort can be found on tropical islands in both the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Coconut Crabs have evolved so far that they will actually drown if submerged in water but are still dependent on the ocean. Eggs are released into the water and what remains of the animals gills need to be dampened periodically to function correctly and comfortably. When coconuts are not enough these crabs eat fruits, their own shed outer shells, and the carcasses of dead coconut crabs. { source}
To get a better idea of what they look like picture a giant, shell-less hermit crab in a palm tree. Another major difference between hermit crabs and coconut crabs (besides size) is the aspect of protection. Hermit crabs need to find shells to live in. Coconut crabs have evolved to the point of producing their own exoskeleton.
Islanders have many stories of these crabs stealing household items from time to time and some refer to the animal as the robber crab.


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