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With some growing to over 10 feet in length, the Komodo Dragon is an animal to avoid in the wild. Although human may not be on their standard menu, they might still kill and eat you if you provoke them. Not only are they unintimidated by man but, frighteningly enough, Komodo Dragons instinctively know to go for the neck.
Their saliva contains deadly bacteria, as well as bits and pieces of all its previous meals. Komodo Dragons are known to clean their plate thoroughly, eating everything including fur and bones. Luckily for some, the animals have very poor sight and hearing. But, nature is fair and has granted them phenomenal olfactory abilities. They can smell something up to two miles away or two feet underground. Oddly enough, the nose is not involved in this. The lizard's tongue retrieves the smell from the air and brings it to the roof of its mouth. From their the Jacobson's Organ deciphers the message and gives a reading that includes distance and direction.
Komodo Dragons can live up to 50 years.


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