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Malcolm Gladwell informs us in his best seller The Tipping Point, "The rule of 150 states as congregants of a rapidly expanding church, or members of a social club, or anyone in a group activity banking on the epidemic spread of shared ideals needs to be particularly cognizant of the perils of bigness." What he is saying is that once a group rises above 150 members it starts to section off. People start to group within the group, lose their loyalty and in essence weaken the group as a whole. Ancient peoples of nomadic tribes naturally figured out the significance of 150. Clans would split up once they had approached this number to maintain strength. Military troops are divided into groups of 150, again from trial and error. This number has to do with a ratio between the number of people and the size of a part of the brain. For example, animal packs, gaggles, and herds may work in similar intrinsic ways.


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