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Octavianus, Antony, & Cleopatra

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This battle changed the Roman Republic into the infamous Roman Empire. It all began in 44BC with the death of Julius Caesar. With Rome under unclear rule, both Mark Antony and Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus took the reigns. To keep a union between Antony's western Rome and Octavianus' eastern Rome, Octavia (sister to Octavianus) married Mark Antony. As is commonly known, Cleopatra stole Antony's heart and loyalty. In marring Cleopatra, he defiled Rome. The people then turned to Octavianus for allegiance.
The battle itself took place on the water. With a fleet of quinqueremes (oared warships) with tips of bronze, Antony hoped to ram Octavianus' fleet in to both submission and submersion. With already poor results, Cleopatra fled the battle scene and Antony followed: to Alexandria, Egypt. Soon after, Antony's men surrendered themselves to Octavianus. Antony had a trusted slave take his life. Dying in the arms of Cleopatra must have had a sombre effect because she ended her time on earth as well. It is said that in respect to the sun god, she took lethal injection from a venomous snake.
Rome was now an empire under Octavianus.


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