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Gears, Astrology, & Ancient Greece

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Equipped with a crank, the Antikythera mechanism (Ο μηχανισμός των Αντικυθήρων) could depict the pattern of the heavens for any date; a sort of astrological calendar or astrolabe. Specific planets were designated to specific hands (like a clock) on the device, and their locations were pinpointed with the mechanism. Some have said that Archimedes (the mathematician who discovered buoyancy in his bathtub) was the original creator. Since its discovery around the year 1900, many people have tried to rebuild a fully functional working model. A problem encountered for decades was the timing of the gears. Ultimately, this was solved when it was realized that the teeth of the gears had to be transformed from the square shape we are used to in modern times and instead replace it with triangular teeth. The advantage of the triangular teeth is such that more sliding occurs between gears and this sliding was premeditated and worked into the timing of the mechanism as a whole. The intelligence possessed by the Greeks at that time now has far greater potential than many ever thought possible. Click Here to See Some Images.


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