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New Matter: Just a Phase?

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Keeping in mind that light can be interpreted as particles, lasers can be used to cool atoms. Each type of atom respectively responds to a specific color. The photons (light particles) released by a laser are constricted to a single stream and aimed toward the atoms at certain angles as to make contact and be deflected. Deflection is necessary in order for an atom's electrons to absorb the light, jump and energy level and than release the photon therefore lowering the overall temperature of the atom. Once cooled to very near absolute zero (0 degrees Kelvin, -273.15 degrees Celsius, -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit) the energy created cannot be contained; even by friction. Lastly, since the new substance (and new phase of matter) created can defy gravity, it has been known to act strangely including spontaneous leaping from its container.


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